Seminar papers

Seminar Papers

Most of the business informatics chairs of our university have a central process for the enrolment, the placing of the themes and the realization of the seminar event. We have the same process for our seminars (WISEM process). You can get more information about it on the WISEM site.

Requirements for scientific working

We expect that our students fulfil the requirements of scientific working when they do scientific work like their seminar paper, their project work or their thesis.

We offer two different events to support the process of your scientific work. One event is supposed to support your paper and the other on to improve the presentation of your seminar paper.

Besides the attendance of these two events, we expect that our students get familiar with scientific working. We recommend reading the following book:

Disterer G (2014) Studienarbeiten schreiben. Seminar-, Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomarbeiten in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. 7. Aufl. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-55367-7 Buch bei Springerlink  - Free access if you use the network of the university (e.g. you can use a VPN connection)

Format requirements, citation, evaluation

You will get access to a Moodle course if your application process was successful. For the success of your application you also need to submit an exposé. The purpose of the Moodle course is the providing of more information about organisational requirements, literature research, format requirements, citation and the evaluation of your scientific work.