Stephan Hanisch, M. Sc.

During my studies I wrote both project and thesis at the SOFTEC Chair. The reasons for this were above all the very friendly contact with the respective supervisors, but also the possibility to implement my own topics in order to strengthen my own interests, which was very convenient for me. Before my studies, I completed an apprenticeship and then worked in business for several years and after that, I decided to study business information systems. That's why I have a certain practical connection to IT and wanted to use this as much as possible in my thesis.

It was always possible for me to introduce my own ideas, that were not dismissed by the chair team, but taken up and developed further together.  So that at the end it became an exciting and challenging topic for my thesis.

During my writing I had all personal and technical liberties where the journey should go and could always write an E-Mail to my supervisor with problems or could also arrange a date for the problem solution at short notice. In addition to the wide-ranging knowledge, the SOFTEC chair brings a lot of well-founded knowledge in many other subject areas around study and examination process with it, which helps a lot in challanging situations.

In summary, I must say that it is worthwhile writing my thesis at the SOFTEC Chair. The fact that my own ideas and achievements are recognized and rewarded, as well as the opportunity to incorporate a practical approach to scientific topics have convinced me.

Katharina Knappmann, B. Sc.

In the first semester I already noticed that the SOFTEC Chair attaches great importance to good teaching. The courses are specificly tailored to the students and designed interactively, so that the material is very well accessible, especially for first-year students. This is one of the reasons why I decided to write my thesis at this chair.

Due to the chair's wide as well as deep range of topics, I was free to choose the topic of my bachelor thesis and was supported in several personal conversations. Even during the time I was working on my thesis, I always got quick appointments and constructive feedback from my supervisor.

I can really recommend everyone to complete their thesis at the SOFTEC Chair.

Christian Aps, B. Sc.

At the SOFTEC Chair, I was able to learn a wide variety of skills that helped me very well to start my career. These include, for example, the use of standard tools such as GitHub, the organization of agile projects using the SCRUM approach as part of the bachelor project or the critical examination of new concepts and methods such as model-driven software development.

The excellent support for final theses deserves special mention. I was interested in the topic Smart City. My supervisor supported me in concentrating this far-reaching topic on individual research areas and thus refining my topic. Despite this, I was given the opportunity to think outside the box. He was available at all times and gave me constructive feedback, which I could use as a guide to structure my work. Therefore I can only recommend students to write their thesis at this chair.

Melina Badermann, B. Sc.

At the Chair of Business Informatics and Software Engineering, I wrote my seminar paper and bachelor thesis as part of my bachelor's degree because I was offered current and interesting topics in the field of business information systems.

The support by the scientific staff of the chair was close meshed and goal-oriented. For me, the supervisors could always be reached quickly by the usual means such as email or telephone. Also personal appointments were possible at any time, so that an optimal support was given for me. Spontaneous questions and concerns were answered promptly shortly before the planned deadline.

During working on my thesis I always got "insider tips" in addition to the basic support. The supervisors care a lot about the students' success and in my opinion they are looking for the best possible performance of every student.

The topic for the thesis was chosen individually and in an uncomplicated way. A relevant point for me was the practical relevance of my work. This wish was also made possible for me by the chair and so I was able to write my thesis in a practical way in cooperation with a company. The coordination of the conditions was very unproblematic here and so I was able to work on exactly the topic that interested me personally and professionally.

The courses of the chair are attractively presented in lectures and exercises. Here, too, the research assistants are always available for the students and provide assistance with both content and organizational questions.