Mon, 22. Apr. 2024   Holldack, Florian

Article by Gero Strobel and Leonardo Banh accepted for ECIS 2024

We are pleased to announce that the paper "What Did the Doctor Say? Empowering Patient Comprehension with Generative AI" by Gero Strobel and Leonardo Banh was accepted at the 32nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)! The paper focuses on the use of generative AI to improve communication between doctor and patient. It picks up on this year's ECIS theme ("People First: Constructing Digital Futures Together") and shows how innovative technologies can put people's needs first.

ECIS 2024 will be held in Paphos, Cyprus, from June 13-19 2024. We congratulate Gero Strobel and Leonardo Banh on this success and wish them an exciting conference with interesting discussions!

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„As global challenges, such as pandemics, population growth and widespread illnesses, continue to rise, healthcare systems are facing greater strain, resulting in a shortage of resources and increased demands for medical care. Effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients is essential for the provision of good services to prevent confusion and induced anxiety of patients, particularly when medical jargon is employed and not understood. Generative AI (GAI) presents a chance to transform healthcare communication by providing language processing capabilities that enhance patient-centered services. This paper examines how GAI-based conversational agents for explaining medical jargon in healthcare should be designed. We derived eleven design principles from a systematic literature review and evaluated them with nine clinical cardiological scenarios through a prototypical instantiation of an LLM-based conversational agent. The results provide insights for researchers and healthcare providers in form of prescriptive design knowledge to improve patient communication using GAI.“

Keywords: Generative AI, Conversational Agent, Healthcare, Design Science Research.