Tue, 30. Apr. 2024   Holldack, Florian

Girls'Day 2024: Generative AI fuels excitement for Information Systems

Teilergebnisse des Prompt-a-Thon
Feedback der Schülerinnen

During this year's Girls'Day, Gero Strobel and Leonardo Banh from the Chair of Information Systems and Software Engineering (SOFTEC) at the University of Duisburg-Essen offered the workshop "Generative KI entdecken: ChatGPT & Co." Fifteen female students took the opportunity to get to know the information systems course of study and gain practical insight into the fascinating possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence.

After an introduction to the Wirtschaftsinformatik field and a behind-the-scenes look at AI technology, the participants went straight into practice: In an exciting "Prompt-a-Thon," they playfully learned how to control generative AI-based systems with targeted instructions (prompts) to create impressive texts and images.

The results of the workshop were convincing across the board: The students presented a colorful mix of creative texts and images that they had created using Generative AI. These included humorous short stories and innovative product ideas that testified to the versatility of the technology. A Generative AI analyzed and evaluated the results in the end, certifying the participants' great creativity and an impressive understanding of how to handle the technology.

The students' reactions to the workshop were consistently positive. They found the day exciting and informative, and at the same time, they had a lot of fun working with Generative AI. The participants were particularly enthusiastic about the creative freedoms the technology offered them. They were able to let their imagination run wild and implement their ideas independently.

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