Thu, 15. Dec. 2022   Marina, Katsanou

Robert Woroch and Gero Strobel publish papers at ICIS 2022

Robert Woroch und Gero Strobel - ICIS 2022
Paper: "Four Shades of Customer: How Value Flows in Fintech Ecosystems"

The Chair of Information Systems and Software Engineering (SOFTEC) is represented with two scientific contributions at this year's International Conference on Information System (ICIS).

The papers on the topics of platform-based FinTech ecosystems and their value creation by Robert Woroch, Gero Strobel and Tobias Wulfert as well as kernel theories in the context of design science research by Gero Strobel in collaboration with other authors have been accepted for the conference.

ICIS is one of the world's most prestigious conferences for academics and research-oriented practitioners in the field of information systems and has been held annually for over 40 years under a changing theme. This year, ICIS 2022 was themed "Digitization for the Next Generation" and took place December 9-14 in Copenhagen, Denmark with over 1,600 attendees from 53 countries.

The article "Four Shades of Customer: How Value Flows in Fintech Ecosystems" by Robert WorochGero Strobel and Tobias Wulfert addresses the transition of the financial industry from a scale economy to a platform-driven network economy and examines value creation within fintech ecosystems. To this end, a multi-case study was used to analyze six business models from different industries in the fintech sector and, based on this, to identify key roles, value creation activities and value streams. The paper provides a holistic value network for the fintech ecosystem based on a systematic literature review and the analysis of a total of 171 fintech companies. The study shows that fintech platforms orchestrate multiple market sides and that customers occupy four different roles within the ecosystem when utilizing fintech services.

The second publication, "Unveiling the Cloak: Kernel Theory Use in Design Science Research“ by Gero Strobel in collaboration with co-authors Frederik Möller, Thorsten Schoormann and Magnus Rotvit Perlt Hansen, explores how kernel theories inform the development of design principles in design science research (DSR). Based on a systematic literature review, six mechanisms including associated activities and application points for operationalizing kernel theory are identified. The use of kernel theories is reflected afterwards, as well as a research agenda is developed. The paper provides guidance to researchers on how to use kernel theories more effectively, as well as an overview of options for operationalizing kernel theories.

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