Tue, 17. May. 2022   Marina, Katsanou

Robert Woroch receives NRW certificate for professional teaching competence for university teaching

As part of the university didactic qualification program, Robert Woroch was awarded the NRW certificate "Professional Teaching Competence for University Teaching" after successfully completing over 200 work units. Through this program, teachers have the opportunity to professionalize themselves in higher education didactics.

The qualification program is coordinated by the Network for Higher Education Didactics NRW and is based on the guidelines of the German Association for Higher Education Didactics (dghd), higher education legislation and international standards. The program focuses on the following five topics

  • Planning and designing teaching and learning processes to promote learning,
  • conception and conduct of examinations as well as their integration into the teaching process,
  • event-related and goal-oriented advising of students,
  • Quality development of university teaching by means of feedback and evaluation procedures,
  • Development of innovative teaching concepts in studying and teaching.

Further information on the University Didactic Certificate Program can be found on the ZHQE website under "Teaching and Learning".